Our Leadership

John Guidroz

John Guidroz

Co-founder and CEO

Tommy Guidroz

Tommy Guidroz

Co-founder and COO

Our Story

John and Tommy are brothers who both have been working in Healthcare for 10+ years. The one thing they kept seeing…change was coming and the healthcare marketing functions needed to be disrupted.

Together they agreed that consumerism in healthcare was something that has been slowly moving its way into the medical space for the last several years.

BUT…most facilities didn’t know how to respond. The internet if full of mystery when it comes to building effective processes to attract and build brand awareness.

The focus of our ClinicFix partnerships are to collapse time, reduce effort, and maximize results for the businesses that are looking for a true partner. 

Allow Us To Eliminate Your Marketing Frustration Forever

ClinicFIX partners with your vision and helps identifies gaps and holes in your clinics business systems. We then map out a strategy that will be like a “treasure map” to your IDEAL DAY for your business. With clear direction, you can then begin to take action on fixing problems and scaling solutions.

Allowing your medical business to grow with predictable levels because of our specialized one-on-one expert insights, custom-built marketing systems, automation software, and proven process that builds your reputation while cutting your work hours.

Our Promise

We promise that we will treat you as a true partner. 

We promise that our solutions produce real results! 

We promise if we don’t hit our mark, we will keep working for no extra charge until we do.