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Consumerism is transforming healthcare and  
we Design Marketing systems that
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the new Patient-Driven Healthcare era.
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My name is John Guidroz, CEO of ClinicFix. If you watched the video you have a since of our mission...Put Simply, Our mission is to help you achieve your mission, helping your patients and growing your clinic. 


As the healthcare landscape continues to rapidly change we want to HELP you stay on top of the many many changes related to Healthcare Marketing. 


Since leaving the world of healthcare revenue cycle, I've been able to put 90% of my healthcare marketing conversation into two buckets...


Bucket 1) But John..."We already have a marketing team, a marketing company, a strategy for gaining new business"


To them I say, great!

So does most of your competition. Let's compare knowledge, share insights and talk about your goals to ensure your current plan is still the best one for the long haul. 


Bucket 2) But John..."We have just been doing things like we have always done and we have no idea where to start."


To you I say, great!

Then you are in luck, because we do know where to start! I know how to show you what your competition is doing and I can help you build a pathway to future-proof your business, allowing it to adjust to the changing times"


Lets gets honest...


Almost every Doctor or Medical Clinic wants to be the “Premier Provider” in their community and almost every admin wants to be able to grow the clinic without drowning in extra work. 


The ClinicFix Marketing System we have designed does both and it all starts with building a solid foundation to grow from. We call this Business Infrastructure and without it, you struggle to scale without major roadblocks. Imagine building a 100 story skyscraper on a hill of sand...it would crumble just a few floor up.


The infrastructure starts with us listening and understand your goals.

Example Goals for Medical Clinics,


1) We want to open 3 more offices and grow the brand...

2) I want to hire a PA and have more free time without giving up my full salary...

3) We want to be listed top of the search engines for our specialty...

4) I want to only work 4 days a week but must have a full schedule of patients


The goals are so wide ranging that’s it’s important that we agree on the desired outcome. Each of these examples have a different approach to achieving success. 


Once agreed on the goals, only then can we configure an effective roadmap for your Medical Clinic.


We then align our knowledge of the internet with your knowledge as a provider. Once we build out the correct online infrastructure our team at ClinicFix drives patient engagement, and you help patients! Everyone Wins!


If you read to this point, then I know you must have questions, which is great! 

So let’s talk, you can simply Book a Call with me, No strings and no commitment other than your time. 


Trust me, I'll make it worth your time.  


John Guidroz, CEO


"If You Want Something New, You Have To Stop Doing Something Old."

-Peter F. Drucker

Changing Times...

Our 3 Step Process To Stand Out As The Premier Provider in Your Community







Just a Few of the Service Lines That
ClinicFix Uses Helps Create More Patient Engagement 

  • Patient Geo Targeting
  • Pay Per Click
  • Online Appointment Setting Tool
  • Marketing Automation 
  • Campaign Launching
  • Online Infrastructure
  • Video Marketing
  • Social "Buzz" Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Staff Phone Scripting
  • Facebook Targeted Ads 
  • Analytics Dashboard Creation
  • Medical Copywriting 
  • 2-Way Text Messaging 

Serving A Wide Range of Healthcare Specialties

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