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Dear Medical Expert,

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    Are you struggling to turn a profit or to find personal time away from the endless “grind” of running a business...
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    Do you desires to step away from day to day operations on the business side and place key strategic partners in place for a more scalable, profitable, and livable business model
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Imagine if...

… Attracting new patients was fast and easy?
… And you didn’t need to be all analytical and organized?
… And you could do it without overpaying for billboards, radio commercials, or local newspapers.
… And you didn’t hafta spend a premium on a fancy new website or hire any new sales staff?
… And the marketing you pay for to attract new patient's actually worked?
… And getting a ROI on your marketing budget was as predictable as a baby's morning bowel movement?
… And you could scale quickly and create a sphere of influence in your local community?

Great news: you can.

We know ’cause we've done it.

But it wasn’t easy. Especially in the beginning.

Let us tell you how.

What our patient's Taught us about growing a business.

Meet Chris,

He always been in decent shape, no belly, no real aches and pains, eats  descent but no saint….

enjoys a beer or cocktail…. Occasional smoke….

Then one day he feels “off”.....

Shrugs it off…

But then after 4-5 days the feeling is still there….despite taking it easy, getting rest, and drinking more water...thinking he was just dehydrated…

He is stubborn and despite advice from people who cares about him.....

He shrugs off  the discomfort, not realizing all the warning signs his body has been trying to tell him....GET HELP!

Inside his heart feels like its treading water naked and alone in a open ocean screaming


….what happens next are the sudden tragedies & pivotal life altering events that blind side people in Chris's situation….

His heart is drowning from lack of oxygen to his left anterior descending (LAD) coronary artery. Clogged up & being RIPPED apart from the turbulence of the chronic skyrocketed blood pressure….all leading to impending heart attack.

This problem didn't start overnight, it is a “silent slayer”.

Chris new something wasn't "Right". Ignored all the warning signs....

Kept quiet and tolerated the discomfort, until it cost him everything....  

Many business die from the same neglect….

The warning signs are shrugged off…

...the decreased appointments, the increase in advertising without new revenue to show for it , and the growing fatigue from trying to "do it all" as medical expert, data analysis, supportive manager, effective marketer, and creative strategies to grow...

and then one day it becomes too much all you just wanna drop to your knees, grab your chest, and scream "MAKE IT STOP!"

That's where a medical marketing firm can help. 

Their job is to keep the business healthy, monitor changes, and create "prescriptions" to help fix the broken or sick parts....

Recognizing Where The CashFlow Leak Is In Your Business 

Most Medical Marketing firms are built for the masses. 

They don't go deep on the issues specific to YOUR medical clinic. 

They can't - its not in their interest - they win by sticking to cookie cutter campaigns they can duplicate over and over quickly. 

These campaigns are built to treat the common symptoms of a business. 

Generic content to generate likes, techno-babble about SEO, PPC, CTR, CPC etc,  to make something simple seem complicated, and other tactics that feel like movement but your bottom line isn't moving. 

These "copy and paste" methods might be ok for the general practitioner or the local chiro - (who are trying to be everything to everyone)

but not for Medical Experts on the cutting edge of moving medicine forward. 

Medical Experts specializing in regenerative care medicine, stem cell therapy, laser treatments, and other advanced methods to keep patient's feeling young need a specialized marketing system and campaigns. 

Built from scratch using leverage as cutting edge as their treatments. 

That's what we do best.....bold claim but we can back it up.

"We know Doctor's are constantly hit on by marketing firms promising the moon, and it can be hard to. know who to trust.

So, that's why we invest in caring the highest level of certifications in the digital marketing field to prove we are not all hype & hope. 

And we are constantly keeping up with all the policy changes, privacy updates, and new strategies expanding a business across the internet.

As you are aware, things are changing in healthcare. 

Patient choice is becoming more powerful and prominent. 

Going forward it is too expensive, too tedious, extremely outdated, to believe patient's will "just find you" or that your generic social media campaigns are going to inspire new patient's to see you as THE medical expert for their specific healthcare needs. 

In 2019 and beyond, you have to become more than a medical expert. 

You need to become a business pro as well, but do you have the time, energy, and desire to study the nuances of business growth systems? 

or you can barrow our board room and leverage our proven systems, strategies, and software solutions and let us build you a customized business growth plan.

What ClinicFIX Can Do for You:


Systems That Turn 

​Clicks To Cash

Not all website traffic is the same. A website is the modern day digital clinic "showroom" and every Doctor wants people who are coming to the website with an intention to buy not just look around.

We help to identify the customer who is willing, able, and wanting to buy what your clinic has to offer. 

Software For The

Missing Pieces

As a medical expert you help people identify the missing pieces to optimal health. A business has vitals signs for tracking health of the company. Recognizing the "sick" vitals helps to protect the business.

We help discover the parts of the sales process that is broken or missing to improve conversions of browsers to buyers.

Strategies To Create Leveraged Influence 

Persuasion selling is forcing clients to adopt a belief to be true like "XYZ is best Doctor". This can take a lot of time and effort on wasted marketing. Influence enrollment is demonstrating expert status by educating and informing clients. This takes less convincing for faster sales while creating celebrity like status making marketing more lucrative. 

We design and implement key branding touch points to position our Doctors as "Trusted Advisors" to attract loyal clients that buy and refer more. 

The Personal Touch

Most marketing platforms/companies are built on a "mass scale" model. Meaning growing by volume not value. Creating "cookie cutter" marketing plans and services they can quickly duplicate and deploy. Think Fast Food Service. 

We are boutique, bootstrapped, and bottom line driven. Meaning we work intimately with clients to focus on custom built solutions measured but ROI that keeps everyone happy.

Yes, We Can Help Your Clinic - Guaranteed.

If you are tired of worrying about generating new patients, frustrated with the lack of interest and inquires, and feeling completely overwhelmed with how to create a sales and marketing plan that works....

You can now allow the tension and anxiousness melt away.

So. Back to you. If you’re at a similar crossroads:

… Where you know superplatforms (Google/Facebook) are the fastest way to scale…
… And you’ve tried just about everything…
… But outsourcing to agency fellas only left ya bitter and broke…
… And doing it yourself makes you wanna run head-first into a brick wall…
… And the only one winning lately seems to be Uncle Visa?

Maybe it’s time for a new approach.


Perhaps ours. 

Tell ya what: we bet you $1,000 we can get your business unstuck.
Wanna take me up on it?

Fill out the short application at the bottom of the website for a free 1 on 1 consultation on leveling up your business marketing plan with our comprehensive superplatform management services. 

It’s 100% free. And all the way awesome. Why?

‘Cause we take you behind-the-scenes of a Marketing Method powered by unorthodox strategy and concepts we learned from years of "in the trenches" marketing that break all the typical "rules". 


That’s why.

By the end of our consult, you’ll know how to aggressively and safely scale your business with superplatform marketing or we will send you $100 for wasting your time.

If that sounds refreshing, it’s all yours when you apply for a call today