Are you ready to adapt?

I wanted to share an idea with you (actually a bit of a rant based off what im seeing unfold right before our eyes)

Allow this seed of idea help you not only survive but thrive in business in the coming months. (guaranteed)

Its pretty intense and radical idea , it could excite you or completely overwhelm you…

Here we go…

Right now during these unprecedented times Business are now being FORCED into a “tech shift”

They must adapt to using more online tools to connect with their customers…

The business that only relies on their local market for revenue is going to struggle with the coming recession ….

these are the business that stay “tech illiterate” and dont learn how to adapt.

The business that adapts and expands their ability to market to more people at less cost will not only survive but THRIVE……

these “visionaries” who are building teams around them who can magnify the business’s reach beyond the local market

And right now is a pivotal time to act because what We are seeing….

[+] increased activity online (more people at home)
[+] increased attention (they are getting bored looking for stuff) decreased ad cost (less advertisers meaning more reach for same cost)
[-] decreased competition (most business are retracting and “holding out” or unsure how to adapt)

A perfect opportunity if you know how to adapt to it….

So — lets look at an industry that is being hit hard right now.

If I was a Medical Provider running a small independent clinic this is what i would do to not limit myself to only my offline market during the coming recession….

During this period of “time abundance” not able to see patients in my clinic I would begin to shift my energy to online resources so i can have access to a bigger market not impacted by “pandemic” events (that could last months) or market shifts etc (who knows what else is coming..)

I would leverage the 10+ years of expertise in helping people reacting to sickness and begin helping people be PROACTIVE in protecting their health.

(the market’s attention on “prevention” and “immune health” is high right now)

Heres how To start:

My main goal would be creating Digital Assets that work for my business without extra time involved once created and could be purchased 24/7 at premium prices and clients would be excited to buy them from all over the world

“but Tommy what do we create, how do we offer it, what should we charge?”

great questions here is a game plan for you…

(note this would take alot of work but would create a amazing asset long term while offsetting expenses in the short term)

As a medical provider you are loaded with knowledge and expertise — this is perfect for a coaching/course offer

Before you create any course tho you need to capture attention, serve w/ goodwill, and channel desire into an offer.

With attention up and cost lowered while not being able to see inperson patients right now is the perfect time to....

magnify your goodwill using these guidelines:

+ Focus on more reach and output via content creation (ideally video) to get capture attention+ Educate people on the “new ways” you can consult with them as a medical provider (telehealth)

+ Educate on the benefits [quick ideas: being proactive with their health via strong immune system, physical active , supplementation]

+ Find out what people want help with right now by asking them (quizes, engagement posts etc)

+Identify the GAPS preventing people from achieving what they want

+ Based on feedback and gap analysis create a offer that closes the gap to allow them to reach their goal faster, safer, and easier making it irresistible to target market (while not requiring them to show up at your clinic via online coaching/course)

- Digital Course/Coaching Examples:

  • 6 week Metabolic Reset Program
  • Fast Tracked Immune System Reboot
  • “Fix your Flex” How to tighten your core and protect your back in 10 minutes or less
  • “Ageless” — how to keep your youthful looks, strength , and independence using the “[your brand] System”
  • The Ultimate Guide to Youthful Skin — proven ways to keep tight , toned, and healthy skin

To deliver the courses you will leverage online tools to have weekly coaching calls where you teach about (COURSE TOPIC) issues

and create Actionable steps they can start doing , provide QnA to answer implementation questions , create resources to make implementing easier , etc etc,

**Study Gamification Mechanism and include them in your coaching/course- it will dramatically increase your clients results

(Digital Coaching/Courses is being sold alot of places you can google just about any topic and find a coaching / courses for all kinds of prices)

Imagine getting a small group of 20 women @$997 for a 6 week coaching course where you do 2 weekly webinars (2–3hrs/week) and create $20,000 of new income -

The next round you get 40 women — same amount of work but exponential increase in revenue

Oh and you are not limited to just your city, whole US is now open (actually the whole world)

Think you can find 20 raving fans that resonate with you via social media?

You can recommend and sell supplements in the course for those that would benefit from them…

The recordings are re-packaged into a “DIY” home course for lower cost to serve even bigger market..

For your inhouse “medspa” type packages you can now include these digital courses as BONUSES to increase value of the offer with low to no cost to your bottom line…

Many different options…

lots of work to put in to make happen but if focused on longer/bigger picture i think its worth it…

This was originally a idea to a friend but felt others need to hear it

If you have a friend that is a service based business owner terrified of the coming market shift then please share this with them


PS. if you would like to have a conversation to unpack this idea further for your business i am happy to book a call with you to help map out a action plan and provide direction on resources to make it easier

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