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Our Approach To Business

If you are looking for a "copy and paste" marketing program then we are not going to be your ideal choice. There are plenty of marketing companies out there that will happily take your money and hand you a "cookie cutter" program.

The same one they hand out to all their clients...

We do not operate that way. Instead we listen to the needs of our clients and then adapt a program to fix the gaps in their business to allow for faster, easier, and more profitable results that last. 

Our ideal clients are already running a profitable medical clinic but might find themselves "stuck": 

  • Working to much IN the business and not ON the business (exposing leaks
  • No tracking system to manage pipeline of leads (relying on sticky notes and spreadsheets)
  • Limited leverage in the clinic (can't take time off)

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Specialized Services For Specialized Doctors

Value Innovation

Magnifying Your Medical Expertise to the Masses

Elegant Web Design

Simple and Strategic Designs That Convert

Reputation Management

Protect and Enhance Your Reputation

Proactive Marketing  

Finding your ideal audience with the strategy of preeminence.  

Reactive Marketing

Become the only viable option to the people already searching for your services.

Consumer Research Surveys

Feedback You Need To Grow The Business

Market Domination

Custom built client journey, eliminating the competition 

ClinicFIX Dashboard

Keep track of the business "health" to reduce wasted spending & maximize profits